• Ravanshir steel company using expert manpower and advanced equipment, a brilliant track record in providing services to various industries (mining, cement, machinery and … The company's commitment to formulating, implementing a quality management system based on the needs stability and continuity 2008 - ISO 9001 has been announced. The aim of the company to meet product requirements, including the requirements stipulated in the contract or order and implicit needs and legal requirements and regulations are. Ravanshir steel, in addition to customer satisfaction, satisfaction of other stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, suppliers, individuals and entities associated with the company as part of its policy. Aiming at the foundry their policies based on the principles of customer focus, leadership, involvement of people, process oriented organization, continuous improvement, decision making and goal setting realistic and satisfaction of all parties, declares as follows: Increase efficiency, productivity, flexibility and innovation; Improve the quality and enhance customer satisfaction; Along with the improvement of living and employee satisfaction profit organizations and other interested parties; Compliance with legal requirements and social responsibility. Establishment and continuous improvement of the company's quality management system based on the standard model, including the feasibility of the above policy.

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