AG (Autogenous) & SAG (Semi Autogenous) MILLS


Concentration of the extracted ore is the most crucial step in the pelletizing process. Various mills are used for this purpose. Metal liners are screwed onto a cylindrical metal body of this equipment to protect the body as well as assist in crushing the ore. These parts are installed in different positions such as the inlet (feed) wall, the outlet ( discharge) wall and the shell of the mill, and they have different wear rates depending on the installation location.

The thorough examination of the ore conditions and the constant presence of sales engineers and after-sales service specialists at the customer’s location have resulted in an annual improvement in the performance of Ravanshir steel production liners.

Autogenous Mill

This type of mill rotates and throws larger ores in a cascade, resulting in the breaking of larger pieces and the size reduction of smaller ones. This mill does not use steel balls. Additionally, the grinding load is mineral-like coarse particles with dimensions between 300 and 400 mm and a grinding ratio of greater than 1000. The production of iron concentrate is the primary use for this kind of mill.

Semi-Autogenous Mill

This mill is a cross between a ball mill and an autogenous mill. To put it another way, some metal pellets are added to the mill load or feed to make it easier to crush coarse ores. In this kind of mill, the dimensions of the input feed range from 130 to 160 mm. The ability to grind any mineral (including sticky and clay feeds) and the need for a lower initial investment are the primary benefits of AG and SAG mills.

Ravanshir Steel Company produces high-quality wear parts for these mills, which are utilized effectively in the majority of Iran’s mining industries. Ravanshir Steel Company proudly is:

1- The first producer of mill liners for Sungun Copper Mine.

2- The first producer of mill liners in Bafgh Pelletizing Plant.

3- The first producer of mill liners of Opal Parsian Sangan Industrial and Mining Company.

Ball Mill

A ball mill is a type of industrial mill used to make a uniform mixture or produce soft powder. The main use of this type of mill is in the production of mineral concentrates (iron, copper, aluminum, etc.) and cement. In this type of mill, a large number of metal balls are used, which constantly move on top of each other with the sliding mechanism or rotation of the mill and crush the coarse particles. Ball mills have an output product of between 0.2 and 0.3 mm and an input load of between 5 and 75 mm (grind ratios up to 300).

Ravanshir Steel Company’s supply liners for Ehya Sepahan Industrial and Mining Incorporation, Zarshouran Gold Mines and Mineral Industries Development Company, and etc, in which excellent performances as well as resolving the issue of failure have been recorded.

Shell Liners

Code : 113-102

SAG Mill Middle Shell Liner

 Chromoly Steel

1285 Kg

Code : 113-97

Shell Liner SAG Mill 5900

 Chromoly Steel

 1335 Kg

Code : 132-12

Shell High Lifter Bar

 Chromoly Steel

529 Kg

Feed Liners

Code : 105-5

Shell Liner Feed End-High

Chromoly Steel

1101 Kg

Code : 113-96

SAG mill Outer Head Feed Liner

Hadfield steel

1368 Kg

Code : 132-13

 Outer Feed Liner

 Hadfield steel

1045 Kg

Code : 113-189

(New Design) SAG Mill Outer Feed Head Liner

 Chromoly Steel

1565 Kg

Code : 113-77

Outer Feed Head Liner For SAG Mill

 Chromoly Steel

1307 Kg

Discharge Liners

Code : 105-11

Middle Grate

Chromoly Steel

1263 Kg

Code : 132-16

Discharge Middler Liner

 Chromoly Steel

720 Kg

Code : 132-14

Discharge Outer Grate

Chromoly Steel

460 Kg

Code : 113-100

SAG Mill Discharge Liner

 Chromoly Steel

1208 Kg

Code : 105-12

Outer Grate

 Chromoly Steel

985 Kg

Code : 105-14

Shell Liner Discharge End-Low

Chromoly Steel

872 Kg